Natural Cosmetics

Extraordinary effects due to respect for the skin
Inlight works differently than most cosmetic brands. It is based on the fact that nature and the human body are perfect in themselves and do not need any artificial interventions and substitutes for their vitality. All products are therefore designed to maximally respect the biological functions of the skin and gradually restore its natural balance. Inlight brings the purest vital superfood that the skin literally drinks and takes from it everything it needs for its beauty and health. The skin is deeply cleansed, free of toxins, restores its ability to regulate oil flow, maintain hydration, elasticity and healthy pigmentation, and literally glows with energy. Nature is powerful and can deal with severe forms of acne, the formation of pigment spots, scars, wrinkles or eczema, without the need for invasive interventions.

Handmade and 100% organic quality
Inlight is one of the few cosmetic brands in the world that is 100% organic. It is made from the purest and highest quality ingredients grown in organic farming without synthetic sprays and GMOs. The strength and vitality of such organic treasures is hand-crafted with love and professional care for several months in the middle of the pure nature of British Cornwall. The result of slow production without the use of synthetic substances are fragrant organic balms and oils with strong energy and a wide range of vitamins, minerals and substances natural and beneficial to human skin. The high quality of the products and the ingredients used is evidenced by the strict certificate of the Organic Soil Association.

Dr. Mariano Spiezia: an expert with respect for life
Inlight biocosmetics is the lifelong work of a doctor, homeopath and phytotherapist Dr. Mariana Spiezii, whose multidisciplinary approach and immense humility towards nature enabled him to take a holistic view of the concept of cosmetics. During his many years of scientific development and research, he combined modern methods with a deep knowledge of medicine and an ancient alchemical tradition. Thanks to the use of knowledge of the functioning of the human body and the interaction of rare oils and herbs, Inlight organic products work on many different levels. Their heart is the original formula - the so-called Bio-lipophilic Matrix, thanks to which Inlight cosmetics are very similar to the components of the skin and can penetrate into its deeper layers.

Inlight as a bridge to nature and to our heart
We believe that extraordinary people, extraordinary thoughts and extraordinary attitude are behind extraordinary things. The goal of dr. Mariana Spieziy is to help people return to their essence, to nature and above all to themselves. For this reason, Inlight has been striving since its inception for maximum sustainability and consideration for the planet and all its inhabitants. The basis of this approach is the processing of organic ingredients, the cultivation of which is as environmentally friendly as possible, non-animal testing, support for fair trade and investment in easily recyclable organic packaging.

Processed with love that Inlight is full.

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