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Leguano Assets - The right barefoot for barefoot fans, are extremely flexible, durable, breathable and quick-drying with very easy maintenance.... more
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"Leguano Assets" - The right barefoot for barefoot fans.  Leguano Aktiv handmade shoes in Germany are suitable for civil and sports use. They have a patented Leguano sole, especially suitable for unnaturally hard urban surfaces. Thanks to the massaging of the reflex points, the foot is better perfused.  The shoe provides protection to the foot without restricting movement. Let your feet run! Ideal footwear for all sports, especially running, cycling, tennis, golf, yoga, water sports, pilates, table tennis or just for such a comfortable, healthy and natural city walk.  Aktiv are extremely flexible, durable, breathable and quick-drying with very easy maintenance. They are made of natural materials. It is possible to wash them in a washing machine for gentle programs up to 40 ℃ (preferably in a Leguano washing bag with a fine liquid washing powder without enzymes and fabric softener, do not spin and do not put in the dryer).  Ingredients: upper material: polyester (mesh) lining: microfiber insole: 50% viscose, 50% microfiber (sewn into the shoe under the lining)
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Leguano aktiv oceánově modré

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