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Elegantní městské barefoot kozačky IVY v barvě Black, vhodné k sukni či šatům. Vyjímečný design a kombinace dvou různých materiálů dělají z IVY elegantní a nadčasový kousek. Vyrobené s láskou na Slovensku. ... more
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Shapen Ivy Black

The elegant IVY town style barefoot boots to be worn with skirts or dresses offer everything that every barefoot shoe wearer's heart but especially feet desire for cold weather. Moreover they are beautiful and solidly made. Again we were very careful about details and made sure that the boot design is attractive. You cannot overlook glossy patent leather heel counter, decorative zip and rivets. The zip is fully functional and therefore it is easy to put the boots on. The sole is 3.5 mm thick and it will ensure a natural contact of the foot with the surface. The toe box is slightly reinforced to prevent ugly dents. The heel counter is reinforced a little bit more to ensure that the boot keeps its pretty shape. The boots are suitable for dry winter but you won’t be cold while wearing them. They have a textile interlining and 3 mm thick thermal foam. A foam lined insole will guarantee comfortable walking and will protect feet from cold.

If you are cold-sensitive we recommend you to buy the removable sheep wool insoles. But bear in mind that a removable insole will reduce the inner space by approximately 0.4 mm, so if you want to wear the boots in winter you should buy a bigger size. If you want to wear IVYbarefoot boots in less cold seasons please follow our recommendations in the size table below.

We have met our customers' requests and we have made new, wider shoe lasts but still preserving our beloved Shapen style shape. This style does not make your foot wider (it does not give it a clownish look) but it guarantees you healthy feet and elegant look.

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Shapen Ivy Black

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