Shapen FLEUR Powder

Stylové a pohodlné barefoot celoročky FLEUR v derby stylu zhmotňují luxus, eleganci a styl. Díky charakteristickému střihu a šněrování jsou derby boty vždy moderní, vhodné na každou příležitost. Vypadají skvěle jak ke kalhotům, kostýmku, tak i k sukni nebo šatům.... more
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Shapen FLEUR Powder

The stylish FLEUR barefoot shoes are derby style all year round shoes combining luxury, elegance and style. We believe that to achieve perfection one has to pay attention to detail and therefore we took extra care to choose the top quality materials and accessories and to combine them appropriately. We focus on the precision of design, stitching, comfort and ergonomics. Specially fastened, waxed shoelaces that you can decorate yourself are just icing on the cake. 

Derby style footwear is synonymous with timeless footwear. Thanks to its characteristic design and lacing the derby style footwear is always modern and suitable for every occasion. This model can be worn with trousers, costumes, skirts or dresses.

If by looking at the size table you realize that the shoes won't fit well or you are cold-sensitive we recommend you to buy the removable sheep wool insoles. The removable insoles reduce the inner space by approximately 0.4 mm. We have been working on the insoles that will reduce the size without making your feet warmer for less cold seasons.

FLEUR barefoot shoes are a little wider than our sandals or ballerinas but they still have our beloved Shapen style shape. This style does not make your foot wider (it does not give it a clownish look) but it guarantees you healthy feet and elegant look.


In. length

  In. width
36   235   90
37   241   92
38   250   94
39   255   96
40   261   98
41   268   100
42   274   102
43   280   104
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Heel reinforcement
Medium wide
Purpose of use
Formal shoes
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Purpose of use
Fashion shoes
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Shapen FLEUR Powder

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